Student Sponsorship Program

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L’Exode Preschool/Kindergarten and Primary school have been functioning since 1989. The decision to open the school was made when Lemec Thomas, the oldest child of Jean and Joy Thomas, came of school age. They did not feel any of the local schools were of the quality they wanted for their children and they did not wish to send them away to boarding school or to live with family in the city where perhaps better schools could be found. Instead as a result of their relocation to Fond-des-Blancs, Haiti, they saw and felt the need to give the community a quality school with trained teachers. The school has a steady enrollment of just over 500 students yearly. Most of the children walk to school. Some come from as short as a 5 minute walk from the school and others come from as far as a 2 hour walk each morning and afternoon. The students graduate from L’Exode after 6th grade.

The sponsorship program enables HCDF to provide this quality education. The money from the program pays for all text books the student needs, provides fabric for their school uniform, pens and pencils, health care and one hot meal a day. It also helps pay the salaries of the teachers.

On top of this a sponsor may choose (but is not required) to send birthday and holiday gifts to their child. A photo of the child with the gift and a hand written thank you from the child will always be sent.

With the help of the school staff the children will make and send Christmas and Easter cards to their sponsors. A summary of the child’s year end grades will be sent upon request.

Note the two addresses on the other side for contributions and packages. Boxes almost always go into customs so gifts in padded vanilla envelopes not weighing more than 2 lbs are encouraged. The content of the package needs to be written on the outside along with the child’s name.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of this program. May God bless you.