Savanne Henri Church

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8 miles East of Fond-des-Blancs

Regular attendance at the Savanne Henri Church is around 83 people. In contrast to the communities where most of our satellite churches are located, Savanne Henri the largest. It has a population of around 5000. It has its own market and a couple of churches and school. For years they have been meeting in a small one room church that serves as a school building during the week with a couple of classes meeting literally under a tree. HCDF started a new construction there in the Spring of 2008. There are still no walls around the six room building and only half of the building is covered but it is already being used. We hope to complete the roof this summer.

The Church was started by Leoma Leonard. He was succeed by Roland Milord, who grew up in the church and graduated from HCDF’s Theological Education by Extension program. Roland and his wife Antoinette have six children: Modenise, Ronord, Roosvelt, Ruth, Obed, and Naomie.

Ninety-seven (97) students from preschool through fourth grade are enrolled in the school.

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