Platon Church

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7 miles south east of Fond-des-Blancs

Regular attendance at the Planton Church is around 80 people. The church still has a great spiritual challenge because of the large number of people (over 3000) in the community who still have not received Christ. They need an evangelism program that would teach and empower the members of the congregation to become more involved in reaching out to the community. They would like to expand their children ministry by organizing weekend activities and a vacation bible school.

Among the material needs of the Planton Church is the completion of their church/school building. Though well on its way, even after ten years, the building is still under construction. They would like to have a generator for electricity and a sound system for the Church. They also need some musical instruments and would like to build a water cistern to catch the rain water. Water is a precious commodity in Platon because of their location on top of a mountain.

The Platon Church is the only church for several miles. Its outreach into the community is not limited to spiritual adoration but also education and community development. Its latest activities have been the digging of a community well and opening the road for motor vehicles.

This church is under the leadership of Walmyr Lalanne, a young man who grew up in the community, came to know Christ through the ministry of Church, and graduated from HCDF’s Theological Training by Extension program. One hundred and forty (140) students are enrolled in the school. It is the only school in the community. They are in need of more benches, a feeding program, school supplies, and a water cistern, as well as three new teachers.

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