Grande Savanne Church

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8 miles north of Fond-des-Blancs

Regular attendance at the Grande Savanne Church is around 70 people. As you start your drive from the main road toward Fond-des-Blancs, Grande Savanne is one of the first communities that you encounter. The building is perched on top of a hill, a very fitting location for a place of worship.

For the past 10 years we have been cooperating with the Baptist Fellowship of South Haiti and in that capacity they have been fielding a lay minister to shepherd this Church. This fellowship does not share our vision of relocation and their lay ministers have not set permanent residence in the community. As a result, the church has been stagnant for the duration. We are refocusing the attention back to the local leadership.

The Church is under the leadership of Clement Kesnel, a graduate of HCDF’s Theological Education by Extension program. They have four children: Schneider, Woodley, Witchelo, and Ruth China.

Eighty-five (85) students from preschool through sixth grade are enrolled in the school. The school only has three teachers for the seven classes. They benefit from a small stipend from the Baptist Fellowship of South Haiti. They have to be more competitive than some of our other schools because of their proximity to the main road and a couple of other schools within the immediate community.

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