Beaudouin Church

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7 miles north east of Fond-des-Blancs

Regular attendance at the Beaudouin Church is around 45 people. This church is the first of the satellite churches. A few years ago it went through a fragmentation of the congregation as a result of some internal issues. As the first satellite church built, it is already deteriorating and in needs of major repairs to the roof, floor, and doors. Around 30 new benches are needed.

The church is under the leadership of Enel Foreste, both he and his wife, Marie Thérèse, are native to the community. They have two daughters, Shelsie Sephora-Faïmith Benjadie and Fabie Nataïlande. Enel came to know Christ through the ministry of church and was one of the first graduates of HCDF’s Theological Training by Extension program.

Seventy-two (72) students from preschool through sixth grade are enrolled in the school. When this church was built, no provisions were made for classrooms. Today they are in dire need of new classrooms and benches. As the pictures reveal, they currently meet under some huts and a plain shaded area. The road to Beaudouin was recently completed with the hope of finding some assistance to provide a feeding program to the children.

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