Baltimore Church

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10 miles south east of Fond-des-Blancs

Regular attendance at the Baltimore Church is around 70 people. This church is located in the middle of nowhere. As the birds fly, it is around 10 miles from Fond-des-Blancs but the driving distance is closer to twenty. It is truly at the end of the road. This is the only church in this remote village. The church is the center of activities in this small community and the only resource available to them. Cote-des-Fer, a large fishing town to the east, is their nearest source of supply.

The church was started by Eries Solage. He went to be with the Lord a few years ago. His son Manol was the director of the school and assumed the leadership of the congregation as his father’s health was deteriorating. Manol was one of the first graduates of HCDF’s Theological Education by Extension program. He and his wife Vena have four children. Chinode, Jonathan, Chama, and Wisken.

Seventy-one (71) students from preschool through sixth grade are enrolled in the school. The school only has three teachers for the seven classes.

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