Top Graduates of L’Exode Secondary School Offered University Scholarships

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To break the vicious cycle of poverty and superstition, HCDF has been offering a quality education to the children of the community since the 1980s. Currently L’Exode educational programs include over 1,500 students in HCDF-supported schools across seven campuses. Responding to the tragic destruction of so many high schools in the 2010 earthquake, HCDF launched its own high school in 2012, partnering with University of Tennessee Knoxville in the US to assure the buildings are durable in earthquakes and other storms. The academic standards at L’Exode schools are as high as any in Haiti. HCDF began extending even greater opportunities this year for its top high school graduates by offering university scholarships to advance beyond high school and then return to the community in leadership roles. We finished some critical areas of the main campus this year, which includes five classrooms, a library, a computer lab room, a cafeteria, and restroom facilities. Much remains to be done but the campus is already a beacon for the community.