HCDF September 2018 Newsletter

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The farm has never had a name until now. Jubilee spells JUSTICE and in the context of the Old Testament, Economic Justice. It is our prayer that the farm will spread that message throughout the community.

I would first like to address the recent unrest in Haiti and assure everyone that we, as a community in Fond-des-Blancs, are safe and have suffered little to no ill effects from the protest in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Praise be to God that Fond-des-Blancs is often shielded from any unrest that may occur in the capital. Everything is pretty much back to business as usual in Haiti..

It is an exciting time in Fond Des Blancs right now! School is getting ready to open for the new year on September 3, we are harvesting our current crop of sorghum at the farm, we recently hosted a church convention at L’Exode Secondary School and this week we received the results for our 9th graders government exams of which 100% of our students passed.

In the Haiti education there are a series of national exams every student must take and pass for certain grades in order to move on to the next grade. We recently received the results of our 9th graders government test scores and learned that all of them passed and will be moving on to 10th grade. We are thrilled by the news and are currently preparing for this year’s class. Every year we are faced with the challenge of making sure we provide every student with the text books and materials they require to be successful, but with only a few publishing companies to choose from and a limited number of books, this is a challenge every year. But thanks to our donors, motivated staff, specifically our field director Jean François, our students always get what they need.

The preschool construction is well underway. The first phase foundations have been poured and walls are coming up. Construction is moving quickly to get two classrooms completed by the opening of the school year.

I have attached a link with some pictures that show our current progress. Please continue to donate, we have not yet reached our $1,000,000 goal needed to complete construction. https://photos.app.goo.gl/1Bw2W8EesNzk2r1d6.

July 22 through July 29 our Church hosted 11 churches from several surrounding districts for a church convention. We host this convention every other year and are one of the few places that can provide the space necessary to accommodate every everyone. Times of worship and prayer started at the Church on July 22nd and did not end till July 26. Events then continued July 27th to L’Exode secondary school and ended July 29th. Jean Thomas, HCDF president, closed the event with a sermon. We are happy and blessed to have the facilities to host this event every other year.

This crop of sorghum is our most beautiful yet. The heads look level just like the ones grown in Iowa. Our next crop is beans, which we will start as soon as early September. In our plan to grow and expand we are expecting to receive new farming equipment in the next couple months thanks to our wonderful friends at Van Wall equipment authorized John Deere dealer, who provide us with great working machines at an affordable prices. We are always thankful to our dear friend Darwin, without his know-how and passion for this project the farm would be no where near what it is today.

“Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men, knowing that you will receive the reward of an inheritance from the Lord. You serve the Lord Christ. – Colossians 3:23-24”

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and donations for us and all the Lord has given us to do.

Yours in Christ,


Lémec Thomas


A special thank you to my mother Joy Thomas. She has been writing these newsletters and keeping everyone informed since the days before email, sorry to age you mom. I will be taking on this important task going forward. I hope to continue the strong legacy she has established of sharing HCDF’s success’s, its struggles and most importantly the stories of how God’s glory is being personified through the people of Fond-des-Blancs. Thank you everyone for your love, support and donations.


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