HCDF October 2019 Newsletter

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Haiti is going through some very serious struggles right now. Issues that are affecting the fabric of its existence and the livelihood of everyone living there. Please take a moment to read this article by Keston K Perry, it really hits on the history of Haiti and how that has led to where Haiti is today.

Despite the unrest in Haiti, Fond des Blancs and HCDF are moving forward safely, though not untouched by the issues facing the rest of the country. The Exode school is the only school in the area to continually be open and operating since opening day on September 9th. Construction at the primary school has come to a halt because of the inability to garner more construction materials and cement due to the fuel shortage. The local market gathering that happens every Friday where a majority of people get the weekly shopping done is still happening, but with much less product to sell which is causing a rise in prices. Roads leading in and out of Port au Prince are either blocked, burned or barricaded. The effects of this current crisis can be felt across all institutions in Haiti.

We are not sure when and how this crisis will end, but are thankful to God for always watching over Fond des Blancs and HCDF. Your prayers are being answered and your support are a continued blessing.

– Lémec Thomas, Development Director

First Day of School

The first day of school was very exciting for all the students, especially the primary school and preschool. The primary school has been open for almost 30 years and just got its first paint job. It is beautiful beyond words and the joy and pride it brings to all the students to have such a beautiful school is priceless. We thank all of our donors for their support and prayers. We strive to continue bringing Christ, joy and smiles to all our students everyday and that work never ends. Please help us continue this great work by donating, sponsoring and sharing your love story for HCDF to others. For more information on how to do that, please see the end of this newsletter for my contact info, donating info and social media info.

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Last season’s harvest was distributed among the participating farmers last week. The farm is able to produce three plantings a year and the farmers receive a share proportional to the amount of land they have in the project. HCDF has the lion’s share of the land being farmed and its share goes to feeding the students at the school. One thousand (1,000) meals are served every school day, and to many of the students it is a lifesaver. The need for the farm becomes ever more clear as the acquisition of food and natural good becomes more and more scarce.The farm and its continued growth and success is crucial to the self suitability of the Fond des Blancs community and beyond.

HCDF Supporter of the Month: Dixie Noble

This video was created as a memorial for Lowell who went to be with the Lord last June.

“A pair of the dearest and longest supporters of the ministry in Fond-des-Blancs are Lowell and Dixie. Lowell went to be with the Lord last June. The following video is a memorial to his contribution to the Kingdom of God. Dixie is a prayer warrior. She is now having to continue  her mission here without the loving support of Lowell. They have been as a mother and father to me. We are eternally indebted to them for their support and generosity.”

– Jean L Thomas, Founder/President of HCDF


“Lowell and I stayed connected with Jean and Joy (founders of HCDF) since the first time we met. We were inspired by what we saw and heard was happening in this very rural town that was practically untouched by any type of Christian Community Development (CCD). With HCDF, CCD is truly thriving; there is now a school with 1000 students, a church with seven satellite churches, credit union, and a farm. They have also done reforestation, water projects and more.

HCDF has also inspired and trained 6 young men, who have taken HCDF’s CCD model and applied it to 6 other communities. These wonderful young men and their families are answering Jesus’ call and bringing CCD to these very rural and deprived communities.

Lowell and I felt so blessed to have been exposed to HCDF. With very little to no overhead, when we give to HCDF, it goes directly to the people in need.

We love to support a place where God is transforming lives and shalom is coming.”

– Dixie Noble

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