HCDF March 2016 Newsletter

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Blessings of Peace and Happiness to everyone as we celebrate this season of special remembrance of our Lord and Savior’s sacrifice and eternal love for us.

All the ministry projects continue to go well. Not a lot of updates to give. Day to day progress is good and we continue to thank you for your prayers as we move forward one step at a time.

Current corn crop growing at the farm

On the larger projects I have recently mentioned we are learning patience.  We see progress on all fronts, but it is sometimes a slow moving progress.  The farm is growing and enough rain has come that the crops are growing well.  We have some interested donors visiting soon which we hope will help move things along even better.  Your prayers would be appreciated for that.  The total community development project being funded by Kellogg and being overseen by our son Josiah is still moving forward, but with nothing big to report yet because the funding details are still being sorted and checked, but it is all looking good for the future.

In the meantime, Josiah and Felicita have been doing lots of work organizing the sponsorship program making sure all the data is correct.  Josiah is also doing a lot of data entry for other school activities.  We continue to be very grateful for his return to Fond-des-Blancs.

The initial stages of the multi-purpose center are mostly completed and there will be an opening ceremony for the students, parents, and local residents on April 23.  We hope to have a larger celebration with board members and others in attendance at a later date.  The students are super excited about the sports complex part of the center.  I am sure the Spring and Summer will be filled with lots of basketball and indoor type soccer tournaments as well as the June graduations for the kindergarten and primary level graduations.

This last weekend we had teaching seminars for vacation Bible school teachers.  VBS is being planned for all the satellite churches as well as the main church.  Please pray for the teachers as they prepare and the children who will be attending through the summer.

Current peanut crop growing at the farm...

We are at all times grateful for your partnership with us through your prayers, donations, and communications with us.  May God bless you richly for this.

Yours in Christ,


Joy Thomas

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