HCDF June 2017 Newsletter

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The Lord’s compassions are new every morning—Great is Your faithfulness! (Lam. 3:23).

It feels as if this school year has flown by, just a couple more weeks and they students will be on their summer break. We feel so very blessed by how well the school is progressing.

Architectural concept of the preschool
Architectural concept of the preschool

Every year brings record numbers of new students; so we are always searching for creative ways to make classroom spaces.  We have architectural plans for the preschool/kindergarten.  We have three L’Exode campuses but the one for the younger students is totally inadequate.  We would appreciate your prayers and contributions toward the renovation of the preschool campus.  Last week we registered 96 three year olds to start preschool in September.  This is not a record number which is a reprieve for us, but still more than we expected.  The kindergarteners have just been tested and we have 104 little ones moving on to first grade.  This is a record number and I’ll have to let you know how we creatively find space for them at the primary school campus in September.  God willing, we will find a way.

We have not done any new construction at the secondary school this year.  Instead we have worked at making the campus into an environment that invites and encourages the students to want to get up and come to school every day.  Also after school hours, the whole community is invited to come enjoy themselves on the Multi-Purpose Center Courts.  There is always a basketball or soccer games happening; field hockey has recently been added and it provides a smooth area for bike riding.  A pleasant surprise to us is that the campus has become a wedding venue.  I’m sure this will become even more popular as we continue the improve the landscaping.  The outside of the buildings is being painted, and the parking lot is being paved.  It is all very nice.

Earlier in May we hosted HCDF’s semi-annual board meeting here in Fond-des-Blancs.  We are grateful for each board member that was able to attend.  Unfortunately, a couple of weeks before this, one of Jean’s brothers-in- law (Pastor Jeanty) passed away.  The family scheduled his funeral for the same weekend as the meetings.  There was no way we couldn’t join the family for the memorial service so we are pleased that the board members were all very understanding and we were able to crunch much of

The parking lot at L’Exode Secondary School
The parking lot at L’Exode Secondary School

the agenda into a shorter amount of time.   Besides attending the board meeting, they also were guest at an inauguration banquet for the cafeteria provided for all the students and all the teachers and staff of the schools.  New tables were bought to ensure all students can eat at the same time and a very nice food serving bar was added.  Until now the secondary school students had had to walk down to the primary school to eat.  Eating on their own campus is way more convenient and allows the administration to do announcements and presentations for them while they are eating.

The farm is also progressing and we are looking forward to the visit of the Iowan farmer that comes a couple of times a year to consult with our farm staff and gives amazing assistance every time he comes.  As all farmers everywhere know, we are constantly fighting the weather; so we have had some setbacks, but are still very encouraged by all the support we are receiving to make this a modern, successful farm.  In spite of weather problems, we have been able to feed the students from farm-grown cornmeal and vegetables.

There were several speakers at Pastor Jeanty’s memorial service and the theme of one of them was that although his life here is completed the work he did and started continues.  His ministry to others continues. It continues through projects he started and it comtinues through others.  Don’t we all want that said about us.  For Jean and I it is probably obvious that we have been given the opportunity to serve others on a daily basis which gives us much contentment.  No doubt all of us are given this opportunity in some form.  While you all have your personal service to do, through your prayers and contribution for HCDF you are a part of that too.  Thank you.

Your sister in Christ,

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