HCDF July 2015 Newsletter

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The school year is over, but there is still plenty of activities at the school. Students from other schools who want to enter the L’Exode Secondary have come to test in. This year was the first year the government did not test the 6th graders. Our exams are usually harder than the governments so a few of our own students had to retest with us to ensure a spot in 7th grade. We do not have the results back yet, but I am sure 7th grade will once again be a large class. The construction of the multi-purpose center building has slowed due to lack of financial resources, but it has not stopped. Visiting work groups are helping with the roofing of one section. We also have an opportunity to provide scholarships (through another organization) to students who have completed university and would like to continue on for a Master or Doctorate’s Degree. The application for a scholarship is lengthy and the students are meeting at the school for guidance and assistance. Please pray for the new 7th grade students, financing for the multi-purpose center building and the students hoping for a scholarship..

Another activity at the school is Pickle-Ball. This is a game we had years ago, but the court had to go when we started building the cafeteria for the new school. A youth group from Atlanta helped lay the new court. It is a fun activity that we have enjoyed for years and enjoy introducing to visiting groups and now to our high schoolers. The Atlanta group did two days of basketball camp which was very well received. Once everything for the multi-purpose building is complete we will have a full court. While everyone enjoys the new sports that are available, soccer will always be the number one favorite here.

The six Caleb young men Jean has been discipleing for the last three years have now completed that stage of their training. They each are now living full time in their chosen communities working on community development and preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. They had a very nice closing ceremony with family, friends, people from their communities and some visiting Americans. Two of them, Kemson and Evetuel, will be getting married this summer. Their fiancé’s are committed to serving with them.


The combine made it safely to the farm!

Currently, Darwin, a farmer from Iowa who has visited us several times, is here to continue working on the farm and giving us guidance on how things should be done. It is sometimes difficult for him because things in Haiti never run as smoothly as in the U.S. Materials and supplies are harder to get and the timing of getting them is usually slow, but we have seen a lot of progress and are encouraged and

already have a small crop we can use for the feeding program beginning in September. Pray that the combine gets here in good shape and pray for all of the tractors and people working at the farm. It is a lot of new methods, but everyone is learning well.

Later this month our son, Josiah, and a friend of his, Yves, are coming to visit. Both are very interested in returning to Haiti to work full time with HCDF. We are very excited about this possibility and ask you to pray for them as they consider this life decision. They both would make great additions to the staff.

We have 20 applicants for teaching positions at our secondary school. Technology has enabled more Haitians to know of our existence. Pray for wisdom in choosing the best and pray for them as they relocate to this area.

It has always been L’Exode school policy that a student can only register at the age of 3. Now that we have started the secondary school we have double the number of 3 years old registering for this coming school year. The parents are hoping to help ensure their children will get to be a part of L’Exode all the way through high school. We have a plan for enlarging the pre-school/kindergarten school, but for this year we will be using temporary structures for the necessary added classrooms until we have the finances to build the permanent structures. The total enrolled for the 3 year old class is 162. On top of that we have 82 who graduated from kindergarten to start 1st grade. We have had this many before and are prepared with a third classroom for them.

We are feeling very blessed with all the extra opportunities the Lord has given us for serving him. As mentioned, we need your prayers for wisdom and we need ongoing donations to keep improving everything. Thank you for being a part of all this with us.


Yours in Christ,


Joy Thomas

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