HCDF January 2020 Newsletter

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HHello Family and Friends,
What a blessed time the holidays, Christmas and New Years are! It is honestly my favorite time of year! its a time that really brings people together; a time that provides us the opportunity to look at the world through a lens of love, put aside our petty differences and remember that our Lord Jesus Christ came down to live among us, share our struggles and die for us.
His message wasn’t one of condemnation, separation or of nationalism, but of love and salvation for everyone. I love the Haiti Christian Development (fund) and our supporters with all my heart because everything that we do is guided by His message. HCDF’s guiding light and mission has always been to bring good news to the poor. How else do you bring good news if it is not with love? What wonderful news it is to know that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, but that you are loved by an almighty God, the alpha and the omega, and that He has a place for you with Him and in His presence for eternity.
We start this year with great anticipation, joy, love and thankfulness. Last year was filled with so much blessing and growth! Thank you to everyone for your steadfast stewardship last year. Our Lord’s hand is truly on Fond des Blancs and HCDF, and his impact is undeniable. Through natural disaster, political unrest and an ever-changing world, Fond des Blancs can truly be seen as a community like no other. It is truly a community of togetherness; a community where everyone is welcomed and loved. Our passion at HCDF is to continue that legacy and open this new decade with servant hearts, open arms, thankfulness and love. Thank you to everyone for supporting HCDF! Our connection to one another is greater than earthly bonds; our connection is certainly heavenly bound!


Lémec Thomas
Development Director

Current updates:
In good news, Haiti’s unrest seems to have subsided. It is now once again safe to travel in and out of the city of Port of Prince.


The church celebrated the new year with a week of a week of awakening as a prelude to the new year. The church brought in the New Year at midnight together with worship and fellowship.
Baptism were held last week.Several young people gave their testimony and dedicated their lives to our Lord and Savior.

Decade in Review:
HCDF and Haiti had what some could call an adventurous 2010 decade. The previous decade started about as terrifying and bad as decade can begin for an impoverished country like Haiti. We were hit with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that literally shook the fabric Haiti’s existence. We lost of friends and loved ones, feared an uncertain future filled with more questions than answers. But through the hardship and despair Thousands of Haitians worship Jesus in the streets.
Fond des Blancs responded in kind and God has provided. The previous decade brought new schools, new leaders, a farm and more.

Please watch this video:


We are nearing the completion of phase one of the pre-school construction. We will be beginning the second phase this year. We are eternally grateful for the support from our friends in Iowa; Sukup Manufacturing and Vanwall equipment !


The farms continues to be a blessing.We will be harvesting our first corn crop of 2020 in March. We however have been struck with some bad news. Our dear friend Darwin, who has been instrumental in the creation and growth of the farm suffered a serious hand injury while working on some farm equipment. He was so excited to come back for another visit from Iowa and set up some new equipment and train our local farmers on how to use them, but sadly this will not be so for the foreseeable future.  He was able to get bandaged up at the local hospital and has since been flown back home for more extensive treatment. Please keep Darwin in your prayers and pray for a full recovery.

Secondary School

Despite the unrest in the country and other set backs were able to continue construction of new classrooms at all levels of Exode’s school. Thank you to everyone for your generous donations and support. The kids now have beautiful, light filling classrooms.


We are nearing completion on adding a new cafeteria and multiple classrooms for the primary school. Before this new cafeteria the students would stand and eat outside under a tree.

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