HCDF Field Director — Jean & Ruth Thalon

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Jean Francois, his wife Ruth and their son Ruben are long-time leaders within the HCDF family. Jean Francois is the field director for all of HCDF’s activities in Fond-des-Blancs. He is indigenous to Fond-des-Blancs. Jean’s birth is a story in itself. His mom was expecting her third child. On Friday she made her usual trip on a donkey to market from her home in Platon, seven miles east of Fond-des-Blancs to purchase the week’s supplies for her family. Her labor started while in market. A family with a home next to market took her in. She gave birth in their home, rested a couple of hours and then got back on her donkey, holding her newborn son in her arms and return home. You can imagine her husband’s surprise to receive such a bundle of joy from market.

Two years later the parents accepted Christ and raised their children to do the same. Jean Francois made a personal confession of sin and accepted Christ as his savior at the age of 16. Three years later he became a Sunday School teacher and soon thereafter he enroll in HCDF’s Theological Training by Extension program. Having successfully completed this program, he enrolled in the HCDF’s more extensive Bible Institute Program and was one of the star students.

Jean Francois started to distinguish himself at a very early age and the satellite Church at Platon recognized his abilities and sponsored his secondary education. While attending secondary school in the afternoon, he taught in the primary school in the morning. When the principal moved to Port au Prince, Jean was the most qualified and committed to succeed him. In the Fall of 1999, HCDF offered him a scholarship to Teacher’s College in Port au Prince. Again he distinguished himself and upon his graduation he returned to Fond-des-Blancs and the ministry of HCDF as the supervisor of its educational program to the satellite Churches — a position he held until his appointment as field director of HCDF.

Ruth is one of the teachers who was hired from Cayes (on the south coast of Haiti) in 2001. Her amazing leadership talent was immediately recognized, not only in the school but also in the Church — qualities that did not escape Jean Francois’ attention. Upon his return from Teachers’ College in 2003, he started a courtship of Ruth that culminated in their wedding on December 25, 2004. Their first born son, Jean-Rubenson, was born thirteen months later on January 7, 2006. In addition to her responsibilities as a preschool teacher, Ruth is the music director at the Church and heads an all-male musical group.