HCDF August/September 2014 Newsletter

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Hello dear friends and family,

Jean and I have just completed a trip to the board meeting which went very well with lots of reports and assignments being made. I then traveled to Oregon to visit with my Mom and to attend a high school reunion. This is the first one I have ever attended and enjoyed myself very much. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with green forage and several more days of rain. That is good news for the farmers and our continuing work at the Lhomond Farming project. There was good progress made over the summer both in construction and equipment maintenance. There is still more equipment on the way. Pray these will arrive safely and in a timely fashion. Also pray for the farmers who don’t have the luxury of the river and have already lost their corn crops because of the very late rain.

This summer Jean worked with Haitian university students who receive scholarships from the church. Most of their work revolved around the farm. Besides helping with some of the lighter construction, they did surveys of the local families. I opened the school library every Wednesday for the honor roll students. I had games available for them and at least one craft per week. They also could check out books for the week. It was fun for everyone including myself. At the end of the summer we celebrated the 105th birthday of one our church members. Three of the students helped me bake and decorate the cakes. It was their first time using electric mixers and certainly their first time trying to decorate a cake. A great time for all three of them. I’m sure we will do it again.

We are all more than excited that once again all of our sixth graders passed the government exams. We sent 42 students, more than ever before, giving a higher chance of at least one of them failing, but they all pulled through. They all will be moving on to the new secondary school and because there are so many of them we will not be able to allow students from other schools to join them. We are even happier that all the 9th graders passed their government exams. This is the first time ever of L’Exode sending students to the 9th grade exams and they did amazingly well. Sixteen students went to the exams and all of them passed with over average grades and six of them were in the honor roll category. We are looking forward to working with them for the next few years.

This month we are welcoming 134 three year olds into our preschool. This more than ever before and will require some remodeling at the church to find classroom space for them. The University of Tennessee will be helping us with this.

We are feeling very blessed by all the Lord is allowing us to do in Fond-des-Blancs with the Caleb and L’Exode students, the church, and the farm. We appreciate that you are with us on this journey and continue to pray for us.

Yours in Christ,

Joy Thomas