Caleb Leadership Program Update

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To assure that there is a new generation of leaders for the holistic community development programs, churches, and schools, HCDF began the “Caleb Project” in October 2012, a three-year, intensive training program for promising young leaders. The six current students, pictured here with the HCDF Field Director — from L to R: Evetual Theicien, Smith Fauvelt, Jean Francois Thalon (Field Director), Sheslaire Georges, Jean Joab St Louis, Kemsom Lumoy, and Eddie Edouard — have been learning throughout the year, and have already selected areas that are in need around the perimeter of Fond-des-Blancs. They are currently dividing their time between Fond-des-Blancs in continued course work and hands-on learning, and their respective communities where they are focusing on the most pressing needs and positioning themselves as leaders in those communities.