Smith Fauvelt

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During my first year at the Caleb Leadership Center, I am very grateful for those supporting this program and won’t ever forget the spiritual changes and knowledge that this first year has already brought in my life through the three “Rs” of the philosophy of this program: Reconciliation, Relocation, and Redistribution. Indeed, I’ve focused on four essentials points this year, they are: the ministry, the logistic/hospitality, and the academic learning.

We have have visited several communities in order to evaluate them and consider those most in need. God has guided me the Lexi community where I’ve already implemented some activities, such as a kindergarten school and helping improve the road. Lexi is now my community where I am living with the people in order to identify the problems and resolve some together. I sacrifice myself for these people.

I still feel happy and comfortable at the campus because of the way Mentor Jean L. Thomas and his wife, Mrs. Joy, have welcomed me in their home. Our house is a model for the community.

I congratulate Mentor Jean L. Thomas for the way he has been teaching us. His method allows me to personally experience what we are learning. The Rs of the ministry and the concepts of leadership are considered as the essential elements to developing a good ministry. Thank you to those who have contributed in the success of this first year of the Caleb Leadership Center!

Greetings and blessings to you, Dear friends in Christ!