Sheslaire Georges

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I am originally from Cayes, located in the southern part of Haiti; my father is a pastor. During my first year at the Caleb Leadership center, I have learned and believe in the philosophy of the program, which is based on the three Rs of the Christian ministry: Reconciliation, Relocation, and Redistribution.

During the past year through teachings from our Mentor Jean L. Thomas, my life has been impacted spiritually, as well as my interpersonal relations. I’m so thankful to God for the Caleb Center and the HCDF ministry, particularly my dear Mentor, Jean.

Following the curriculum of the center, I choose a community where I will live with the people. After visiting several communities, the one I chose is Nan Akou, Puits-Laurent; Fond-des-Blancs Haiti. It’s a place where there is great need, like a lot of other communities in the country. I’m about to establish a literacy center so that over a period of 6 to 9 years, the adults and the older people will be able to read, write, and calculate correctly.

I have hopes for the following in this community:

  1. A place for prayer and worship
  2. A project of social support
  3. A road project

I’m envisioning Nan Akou to be a Christian structured village that works to the benefit of everyone in the community — spiritually, socially, and economically. May God in His omnipotence fill me with ability and enough means that His will become a reality and is clearly visible in Nan Akou.