Kemson Lumoy

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The Caleb Leadership Center has been very important in impacting my spiritual and social life. During our first year at the center, we Caleb students were learning and working on developing a positive understanding of the ministry work. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the program that has enabled our advancement.

We have learned theory and then participated in activities which have put the concepts into practice, such as teaching message texts in public settings. Mentor Jean Thomas instilled in us the three Rs, which helps guide ministry to others according to God’s plan for his people. I’m committed to this program and have offered my life for reconciliation, relocation, and redistribution. All I have and my will is constantly abandoned for the application of these principles.

I have already formally selected my community and am currently implementing the second phase of our program, which is relocation — a key element of the program and the sound way to achieve Christian unity. As a servant of the citizens, I’m arranging to evangelize the community and establish a new church in the community. May God give you strength and physical health, and spiritual strength and guidance to help our community for the success of the Kingdom of God on earth. Providing your support in the formation of the Caleb students will not be in vein, in Jesus Christ.