Evetuel Theicien

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From October 2012 to October 2013 I have waited a long time without much awareness of the choices that I had. There are more years that I want to study Christian holistic community development before starting my training as an Educator. I never imagined such a school, but God himself in his great love led my steps to the Caleb Leadership Center. In response to my commitment after a year, God gave me the means to progress in completely new ways.

The Caleb Leadership Center theology has given me a great openness to expand in my understanding of the Bible. Our passionate bible study was a completely new and rich approach based on three Rs (Reconciliation, Relocation and Redistribution) with mentor Jean Lemec Thomas. An ambassador of God has no will of his own. It is similar to a small stone in the hand of God and God sends it where He wants.

I believe that God has called me and sent me to the community of Mache Kabrit, a desolate area that has no school, church, health center, and not even a source of clean water to drink. The people of this area must travel about three kilometers to get water. As we know, water plays a vital role in human life. If we lose one to two liters of water in our body, we can dehydrate and can even die. The biggest problem of this area is water. However, I love this area because God loves it. I am really ready and willing to live with the people here to help them and to encourage them to work to transform this area in the coming years. I hope and I expect a change in this area and am very optimistic because unity is strength.