Eddy Edouard

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I am pleased to let you know that I have progressed and have been transformed at the Caleb Leadership Center. From the first session, I was stimulated from the presentation and philosophy of the center, which is based on the three Rs — Reconciliation, Relocation, and Redistribution — in order to train Christian leaders and for holistic community development.

From this experience, I have been moved and better understand the Kingdom of God. I’m really pleased in the way Pastor Thomas gives courses and corrects assignments based on our discussion together. Now I am in the second phase of our three-year instruction which is the foundation of the Caleb Leadership Center program. I’ve done all the preparations necessary for my relocation in the community of Saint-jules. I will lead Christian work to stimulate the people to the knowledge of the word of God and in community development.

In summary, the Caleb Leadership Center has given me the taste of leadership, and how to live and understand God’s Kingdom. With the training I have received from pastor John L. Thomas, I feel equipped to be able to go in my community and to continue working with the people in the my community of Saint-Jules.