The number of students in L’Exode schools continues to rise creating a great need for more sponsors. Of our 1,500 students, less than 10% currently have sponsors. The annual contribution is $300, which can be paid in one lump sum, monthly or quarterly. This amount covers school fees, uniforms, a hot meal each day, and their school supplies for the year. You may select a boy or a girl and you are welcome to visit your sponsored child during a visit to the area. In addition, we help sponsors keep in touch with their children through online correspondence. You will receive a Christmas and Easter card from your sponsored child. Sponsors are welcome to send gifts to their children for their birthdays and the Easter and Christmas holidays. You will receive a thank you card with the child receiving your gift.

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Sponsorship Donations
Haiti Christian Development Fund
L'Exode Sponshorship
I am helping to break
Wilens Alcy
out of the cycle of superstition and poverty
In Partnership with Haiti Christian Development Fund
Wilens lives in Perrine and has a 30 minutes walk to school everyday. He is in Good health. He likes to play with Construction logs. His favorite subject is French.
Vital Info:
Grade2nd Grade
Send donations to:

Haiti Christian Development Fund
Post Office Box 934696
Margate, FL 33093
Send gifts for your sponsored child to:

Jean & Jay Thomas
Unit 2085/3170 Airmans Dr
Fort Pierce, FL 34946